Tuesday 1 November 2011

New blog: 200percentmag

Dear Visitors,

Great that you take the time to visit our blog, but you are aware that we don’t post any new articles on this blog anymore…

There you can read our recent interviews with director STEVE McQUEEN discussing his new film 'Shame' about the life of a sex-addict in New York City starring Michael Fassbender and Cary Mulligan; if 2011 has been, in terms of sleeve design, a good year for the designers MARK FARROW, VAUGHAN OLIVER, NON-FORMAT and BIG ACTIVE; a review of SCRITTI POLITTI's first concert in four year at a local pub in Hachney, East London; perfume reviewer TANIA SANCHEZ on the scents she recalls from her own childhood.

To make sure that you won’t be missing any future interviews, don't hesitate to sign up with the email subscription button on our new blog. 

Picture: Momentum