Tuesday 23 August 2011

Romola Garai

Some scintillating quotes from our interview with the actress Romola Garai (The Hour, Atonement and One Day):

On her struggle with the morality of acting:
"You have to use whatever you have from your own life in order to connect with that story. It's clearly a kind of emotional prostitution; you're selling your emotions and it feels wrong". 

In respect of actors who secure jobs for which they don’t have to audition:
"When an actor has so much power that he can elect the work that he wants to do, I believe, that’s not the way it should be. It should be the director choosing the person that’s correct for the part".  

Whether Hollywood is a good place for women in the workplace:
"We still haven’t had any test cases where actresses have sued studios for bullying them about their bodies: that has not happened and it should have happened by now.